The Dyme Diva

Dyme Boutique is on a mission! We want every woman to look and feel beautiful. You are worth it! We are giving back sponsoring one diva a month with a free outfit and photo shoot. The DymeDiva of the month is the heart of our company. You can read about this on our website:
Our goal is to provide the latest quality fashions at an affordable cost. It was all a dream that has now manifested into reality. Amy Tyus has worked in sales for the last decade but she always felt like she had a greater purpose.
One day her and her best friend Latara Scott, were having a conversation. They were both at a point in life where they were ready for a new beginning. Amy told Latara she was thinking about opening an online boutique. Amy and Latara have always loved dressing people up. To make a long story short Amy asked Latara what she should name it and Latara immediately said “Dime Diva” as this was an inside joke from years ago. They played with the spelling a bit and BOOM Dyme Boutique was born.
Once their minds were made up everything else just fell into place. The resources and support they needed literally just showed up. The ideas just kept coming and coming and the two ladies have now built a brand from the ground up together.
The #DymeDiva is confident, beautiful, and strong. She wakes up each day and #slays everything that attempts to destroy her with a wink and a smile. Sexxy. Savvy. Slayy.

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