5 Ways To Glam Up For Your Holiday Party

We get it…It’s December and it has been a long year of ballgames, school events, and chores. You are tired and you don’t feel like raking through your closet so you just throw on the regular duds and carry on. You fix your hair in the same style. You barely apply makeup. You do enough to look decent and take on the day. You just don’t feel beautiful like you used to. What can you do? What will help you get that oomph back? That confidence you need to rock your holiday party like the #diva you are?

We can totally relate. Being beautiful can be expensive and it can be a FULL TIME JOB! Have no fear though. Dyme Boutique has compiled a list of 5 simple ways you can glam up your holiday. Not because you want to impress anyone else but because YOU are worth it. Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than confidence and although there are many mental exercises that will help you feel confident let us face it sometimes a little something extra, the right accessory, will boost your spirits.

#1 Hair extensions – It is unbeweavable how much a few clip in hair extensions can boost your style. It is instantly fabulous! If you do not know how to apply them, find a YouTube Tutorial. It is well worth your time to check it out. Hair extensions are our go to for a quick fabulous look.

#2 Magnetic Lashes – Yesssss where have these been all my life? Magnetic lashes will give you LIFE ladies!!! Trust me on this one! It’s a little tricky applying them but after a little practice ANYONE can do it. It’s quick, It’s easy, and it’s soooo fab.

#3 Lipstick – I still remember summer of 2016 when my best friend/business partner and I discovered the power of good lipstick. Our lips were poppin and our confidence was too! I had a really pretty purple color and she wore black. We never did anything but gloss before. We had so many compliments we were convinced “It’s the lipstick” Lol! Ever since…when we glam up…lipstick is key.

#4 Earrings – I do not care if they are studs, clip-ons, hoops, or dangles…get you some sparkle on them lobes for an extra boost.

#5 Nail Time – Do you know who looks at your hands the most? YOU DO! So glam them up for you!! Every woman can relate…when them nails are popping and you look down at your hands you just FEEL hot!

These are all simple, easy, and affordable. Give it a shot! YOU ARE WORTH IT! You are a #DymeDyva

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