Is It Possible To Be Cute And Comfortable???

                Is it possible to be cute and comfortable at the same time? We say YES! High heels and tight dresses shouldn’t define beauty! It is 2018 people you can glam up any outfit with the right accessories. Some of the cutest trends this year involve a T-shirt and sneakers. You just can’t go wrong when you are confident and comfortable.

               Now ladies don’t go throwing away your mini dresses and high heels just yet. There is still a time and a place for everything. We just want you to know that it isn’t all or nothing when it comes to fashion. Fashion is about taking an outfit and adding your own personal style to it. Don’t follow the norm but be you! Your clothing expresses a lot about you. Your style is a statement.

               One of our FAVORITE Cute and Comfy looks is a pair of distressed jeans, screen-print tee, and a classic pair of sneakers. You can spruce this style up tremendously! For instance, tying a small knot in the tee on the hip is a great way to add a niche of femininity. Then we would suggest rolling up the jeans just a little for that 80s vibe and adding some jewelry. This look is instantly cute, comfortable, and fem.

               Another look we love is the highly trending jogger sets. Who doesn’t love a good pair of joggers? We love pairing a cropped hoodie with matching joggers. This look inspired our Cute & Comfy Collection. It doesn’t matter if you are plus sized. High wasted joggers most always cover up the belly and reveal just a notch of your upper rib cage. This allows the plus sized divas to join the trend while remaining comfortable and classy. Studies have shown that when you look good you feel good so even on those laid-back days you can shine.

               A ball cap is another one of our go-to looks on lazy days. In case you haven’t noticed caps are trending. Throw you on a hat with some skinny jeans and a matching shirt, add a few accessories such as earrings and lipstick, and boom you are cute and comfy! We are redefining femininity and we LOVE it! You can glam up any look and we are here to help! Check us out:


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